Whether you need a manuscript proofread, an entire magazine put to press, an email marketing campaign built or your social media content taken care of, then I can help.

My key skills include:

● editing, sub-editing and proofreading
● communications planning/strategy
● content production for multiple channels
● branding
● publication/website management
● internal communications
● journalism and copywriting
● digital marketing campaigns

Here are some of the services I offer:

¶ Sub-editing for print

I am an accurate, thorough and ultra-quick sub who can turn copy and pages around quickly. Services include fact-checking and liaising with writers if necessary; editing raw copy for grammar, spelling, style, tone and structure; checking the legality of all text; laying out pages, including basic image manipulation in Photoshop; cutting and fitting pages in Quark or InDesign; crafting compelling headlines, standfirsts and picture captions; and proofing pages for press.

¶ Sub-editing for online

As well as sub-editing copy for grammar, spelling, style, tone, structure and legality, I can add keywords and categories, write SEO-friendly headlines, hyperlink, add photographs, create picture galleries, and embed video.

¶ Production

Most of my magazine career was spent taking charge of production — for several years I was responsible for putting Horse & Hound‘s weekly magazine to press; it was not uncommon for 40 pages to be sent on press day alone. This means I’m pretty much unflappable when it comes to production. Services include all of those for sub-editing (above), plus: managing production schedules and copy flow; managing other production staff, including freelance sub-editors; liaising with printers, repro houses and other in-house departments such as advertising, marketing and promotions; flatplanning; preflight checking; passing and sending pages to press using online systems.

¶ Proofreading

I can check any document for basic grammar, spelling, punctuation and syntax.

¶ Editing

I am an expert at knocking copy into shape. Whether it be a press release, a policy brief, a feature article or a book manuscript, I can transform it into a document that is easy to read and word perfect. As well as proofreading the piece, I can rewrite and restructure it where necessary, offer advice on cuts and additions, and ensure it flows properly. I can also help you get the voice and tone right for your specific audience.

¶ Content creation

I can create original copy on almost any topic under the sun suitiable for print and online — but my special interests include literature, cycling, food, travel, blogging, drink (gin and beer) and the natural and built environment. As a trained journalist, I have lots of experience writing news and feature pieces, and as a magazine editor I have written hundreds of weekly columns and op-eds. As a “pioneering” blogger, I also know how to craft compelling posts that will drive traffic to your site, and as a content marketer I have created dozens of email and social campaigns with high engagement, conversion and click-through rates.

¶ Copywriting

My copywriting services include everything from writing press releases to marketing material for brochures and websites.

¶ Social media engagement

I can set up and manage your presence on multiple social media channels —Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn — to build brand awareness, engage your audience and increase your conversion rates.

¶ PR

I know what journalists look for in a press release, after all I received thousands of them during my time as a journalist and magazine editor. That means I can write attention-grabbing releases that will reap results. I can also design PR strategies and plans to help you get the press coverage you deserve.

¶ Internal communications

I have wide-ranging communications experience, which can help in all facets of internal communications involving change, special projects and unplanned reputational crises. I can also design internal comms strategies and plans to build and boost employee engagement.