This page brings together some examples of my writing.



¶ Reading Guide: The novels of Richard Flanagan
(Penguin website, 26 May 2016)

Freshly pressed: five great novels of the reporter’s art
(Waterstones’ blog, 18 May 2016)


On the shelf — new nature books
(Shooting Times, 3 February 2016)

Creating a duck paradise by Kim Forrester
Creating a duck paradise
(Shooting Times, 5 August 2015)

¶ Focus on the field
(Shooting Times, 29 July 2015)

A brace of brakes by Kim Forrester
¶ A brace of brakes
(Shooting Times, 17 June 2015)

Men Behaving Badly by Kim Forrester
Men behaving badly
(Shooting Times, 20 May 2015)

An interview with Tim Winton

An interview with Tim Winton
(Shiny New Books, Issue 2, 2014)

¶ Olympic spotlight: Beata Stremler

Think of a traditional dressage nation and Poland won’t immediately spring to mind. But Beata Stremler may change all that.The down-to-earth 27-year-old broke through to international grand prix level in 2011. Earlier this year, she came third in the CDI*** at Mannheim (on 71.128%), beating some well-known riders in the process. This summer she has the chance to stamp her mark even further when she competes in London 2012 as part of Poland’s first Olympic dressage team since 1980.Her partner will be the gelding Martini, an 11-year-old Wielkopolski — developed by crossing two now extinct Polish breeds. “Being able to take part in this fantastic event with a horse trained by me since he was a three-year-old is just wonderful,” she says. “Martini is a very reliable horse who always tries his best and is never against me.”Beata’s trajectory may not have been quick, but she has doggedly worked her way up the ranks. And on those rare occasions when she wants to switch  off, ice cream, it seems, does the trick. “Sometimes it is very important to do something else, to talk about things other than horses,” she says. “I really enjoy going to the ice cream parlour with my friends, for instance.”Since moving to Germany in 2003, where she trained with Jan Bemelmans for three years, Beata has changed yards and trainers twice — first, to Jan Nivelle’s stable, where she made terrific progress, then to Ton de Ridder’s yard, where she gained international attention. Next stop the Olympic podium? It’s not something she thinks about. “I’m not doing anything different training-wise,” she says. “I am just trying to keep Martini fit and happy.”
(Horse & Hound, 12 July 2012)

¶ Olympic silver medal for Britain in modern pentathlon
(Horse & Hound online and in print issue dated 16 August 2012)

Copy writing:

¶  Preview of the British Shooting Show
(ShootingUK.co.uk, 9 February 2016, and Shooting Times, 10 February 2016 )


¶ Purdey Bicentenary Trio of Guns
(Purdey website)

¶ James Purdey & Sons Bicentenary, 1814-2014
(Purdey website)